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What are the most famous global currencies

 The currency is the financial tool that is used in a specific country in order to complete the buying and selling process, and the types of currencies, their shapes and their material value differ from one country to another, and they differ in the same country in terms of a group of categories with different designs that may be made from Paper or metal materials, and with the development of financial and economic life in the world, many non-monetary patterns of currencies emerged, most notably bank transfers and bank checks in addition to the concept of digital currencies, and with the presence of many countries around the world and the divergence of economic forces, a group of the most famous global currencies appeared, and in this The article will cover the most famous global currencies.

The most famous global currencies:

 There is a group of currencies that are classified as one of the most famous global currencies, due to their significant economic impact, and the widespread use of them in many countries of the world, and among the most famous global currencies are the following:

U.S. dollar:

Where the US dollar is considered one of the most famous global currencies, if not the most famous among them all, as the US dollar currency has the lion’s share of the volume of circulation in it among various other currencies, and one of the reasons that led to the large trading volume of the US dollar is that it is the currency of the United States of America that owns The most powerful economy in the world, the average volume of traded in US dollars is approximately 2.2 trillion dollars per day.


Despite the relative newness of the euro currency, it is considered one of the most important and famous global currencies, especially in the continent of Europe, and the euro currency is classified as the second currency in terms of circulation between different countries of the world after the US dollar, and the euro is the second largest currency in terms of global reserves, The euro currency is traded between most of the eurozone countries.

Japanese Yen :

Where the Japanese yen is one of the most traded currencies in the world in the continent of Asia, and to it is attributed a large part of the strength of the Japanese economy, and the Japanese yen currency is also used in Forex trading, it is one of the currencies that is used most in trade that seeks to make a profit through the presence of a difference in The interest rate between two currencies.

 Sterling pound :

Where this currency is also called the great British pound, and the British pound is ranked fourth as the most traded global currency in the forex market, and despite Britain's presence within the European Union, it does not adopt the euro as the country's official currency, and one of the reasons for this is that Britain is proud of the pound sterling as a historical currency In Britain, as well as the role of the pound in maintaining domestic interest rates.

 Canadian dollar:

As the currency used in the country of Canada is the Canadian dollar, and one of the most important features of this currency is that it is the main currency in the world specialized in commodities, as it directly affects and affects the commodity markets, including precious metals and crude oil.

Swiss Franc:

The Swiss franc is considered a neutral currency that is widely used in the forex market, because it is considered by many traders in this market as a safe haven for them, and the Swiss National Bank plays an active role in preserving the Swiss franc currency by actively entering the forex market in order to Ensuring that the Swiss franc is traded in a relatively limited framework to avoid volatility and to maintain interest rates.

Types of currencies in the world:

There are many types of currencies in the world, some of which are in circulation among the local population in countries that contain a specific currency for that country, and some are outside the framework of the currency in circulation among the general public, and the following are the types of currencies in the world:

Digital currencies:

 They are those smart currencies that are traded through the Internet so that these currencies do not have a physical presence on the ground, and one of the most prominent examples of digital currencies is the Bitcoin currency.

 Paper currency:

 It is the one that is used in a direct physical way in the buying and selling operations and covering various economic businesses, and it is issued by governments within a specific legal framework.

Currency Backed Assets:

 They are those currencies that are manufactured from some types of precious metals in order to guarantee the value of the currency, and these assets can also be exchanged for a specified amount of paper currency.

 Commodity Supported Currency:

 It is one of the currencies that was used in the past, and the principle of its existence is based on the existence of specific commodities used in order to guarantee the value of the currency, and this commodity-backed currency has contributed to the rise of capitalism.