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What are the functions of business administration?

Business administration is a group of activities that are related to each other in order to implement effective control and control of all the company's functions, and business management is also known as the processes that are applied in order to activate the interaction with people and things within the scope of the work environment, which leads to the successful achievement of the desired goals Other definitions of business management are the actions and methods that aim to direct individuals, affairs, and the private actions of an organization.

management jobs :

Management in general, and business administration in particular, depends on the implementation of four main functions, which are:


 It is about setting goals, building appropriate strategies and plans to achieve them in order to reach decision-making, or introducing something new in the final stages of the application of various administrative functions and processes.

 Organization and coordination:

They are the jobs that aim to set appropriate rules, define the tasks and responsibilities that should be performed, according to specific and specific steps, and then ensure their coordination using administrative methods that help distribute these tasks to the appropriate people in the work environment.

 Leadership and direction:

It is the application of means that aim to influence the employees in a positive way by working to motivate them to carry out the tasks required of them, and to communicate and interact with them, whether through training them or providing assistance to them in accomplishing their jobs, and also working to direct them in the right ways that contribute to their achievement For the required goals efficiently.

Control and control:

It is a permanent follow-up of the employees' workflow by reviewing the results of the work, and comparing what has been realistically achieved and what was previously planned, and what is still needed is the provision of tools and time in order to actually initiate its implementation, and in the control phase the mistakes made are discovered And then correct them within the special policies at work.

Administrative and operational processes:

Where the management is keen before starting the application of work to implement many administrative and operational processes, including:

Performing tasks:

 They are the principles that the administration must formulate at the beginning of the official work, and that they become with time a necessary matter, which all employees are keen to apply, especially in light of the changing professional circumstances that require maintaining the correct performance of tasks, or the task is defined as every work that is done Accomplish it to achieve a goal.

 Records and Reports:

 They are documents written on paper or electronically, and they contain information about the data used in managing decisions, following up on employees, and special activities in the organization.

Data processing:

It is a method that helps in studying information, and it includes three main types, namely: private information in the institution, which includes all its information from its inception until the current working day, information relevant to the work of the institution, and which includes any internal information that is directly related to the work, and External relevant information, which is information obtained from sources that are not directly related to the work, but that contribute to providing information about something, such as recent projects, such as construction projects in which institutions not specialized in construction and buildings need the help of a specialized external engineer.