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Methods of selling and sparking shares

Shares are a collection of shares, and this share constitutes one share in the capital of the company, whether this company is private or public, and this share can be traded in the private markets, which are called many names such as the stock exchange or the stock market or even the money market .

How to buy shares:

search for information:

Whereas, the availability of accurate and sound information about companies and organizations would help facilitate the process of making a decision to buy shares from them; Therefore, we find that the availability of information that confirms the strength of the company's position in the market is more important than any other factor that may be happy in the success of the stock purchase process, including the time factor, noting that there are many sources through which it is possible to obtain the required information about the organizations, And the most successful way to achieve the required success in the stock market is to invest in the aim of growth as well as with the goal of value at the same time, as in this case the focus is on the bulk of the shares, and they are kept for a long period ranging from three to ten years, and can reach more than that .

Earnings of shares:

 Where it is recommended to choose companies with a profit growth policy; To achieve the objectives required from the stock purchase process, which returns a large share of these profits again to increase the growth of various businesses, and then a comparison process is made for the earnings of one share with all dividends, and then the unpaid portion of the shareholders in the organization is reinvested.

Stock sale:

Where a specific date must be chosen to sell the shares that have been purchased, as this is the first and most important step that must be followed after purchasing the shares; Because the refusal to make a decision to sell for any reason puts the investor in a decline, especially in the case of long-term investment, because of the commissions and taxes that affect profits and gains in the end.

Basics of stock trading:

Where stock trading is considered one of the businesses that enhance the individual's ability to achieve financial independence, as this activity can be practiced as a housework, bearing in mind that this work entails a lot of financial risks, so it is imperative to employ mental abilities and planning skills that will achieve The required success, and accordingly, the most important foundations of home trading of shares are:

  •  Ensure that debts are paid regularly, because they increase pressure and tension, which negatively affects decision-making during the stock trading process.

  • Establishing a fund for stock trading, and working to open a bank account for that, as there must be a separate fund from savings, which guarantees the existence of a kind of financial security that can be resorted to by the family.

  • Formulating a strategy for trading shares, and it is imperative to choose the appropriate investment strategy for the person, which in turn includes all the information that helps in the proper selection of stocks, and the appropriate dates for buying and selling.

  • Browse the financial magazines on a daily basis, either by purchasing them or by browsing the resources available on the Internet; This is to obtain the most recent daily financial information about the conditions that directly affect the investment.
  • Create an account for deals and take advantage of the online discount. Determine commercial budgets.