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How to become a financial manager

 Financial management is the implementation of the organization, planning, control, and direction of all financial activities of the facility, and financial management is defined as an activity that depends on financial planning used in business; With the aim of managing and controlling it, and among other definitions of financial management is a department that relies on the application of administrative principles, and is keen to collect money and use it profitably, as well as planning future activities, and controlling all applications by relying on cost accounting and financial accounting.

How does a person become a financial manager:

Where the financial manager contributes to the development of financial management in various institutions, whether in the public or private sectors, and many individuals seek to work in the field of financial management, but until a person becomes a financial manager, he must apply a set of procedures, namely:

 Obtaining an academic degree:

It consists of bachelor's and master's degrees, or one of them, in the fields of finance (finance), or business administration, or accounting, or any other specializations that depend on the study of commercial or administrative business. Other majors such as accounting and business administration are interested in teaching similar subjects, such as principles of economics, and employers prefer financial managers with advanced education; Where obtaining a postgraduate degree helps to increase job opportunities and improve career development. An example of postgraduate degrees is a master's degree in finance, economics, or business administration.

Getting Work Experience:

And it is considered one of the necessary and important matters for the financial manager; Where his usual career begins by working in jobs related to financial management, such as financial analysis and accounting, and companies usually look for financial managers with the appropriate experience; Especially related to business administration and financial finance.

 Acquiring professional certificates:

And it is the financial manager's obtaining of certificates that represent his level of competence, and one of the best of these certificates is the financial analyst certificate, expressed in short (CFA).

Distinguish with the right skills:

 It is a set of basic skills that a financial manager should be distinguished by, and among the best of these skills are critical and analytical thinking, application of oral and written communication, possession of advanced skills in mathematics, and the ability to solve problems in the work environment.

Financial Management Objectives:

 The financial management seeks to achieve many beneficial goals for owners, managers, employees, and customers of various establishments. The following information is about the most important of these goals:

 Increase profits:

It is about raising the value of the company's revenues and profits; By seeking to increase its sales or other activities; By using the most successful plans and opportunities to increase profits.

 Reduce costs:

 It consists of relying on equity and capital funds; In order to implement all appropriate steps to reduce and reduce the costs of the company’s capital. Reducing risk: it is the role of financial management in reducing risk as it increases and increases its percentage. Because it may affect the existence and continuity of the company.

 Raise the long-term value of the company:

 It is the increase in the value of the company in the long run; By achieving more profits in the shortest time.