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Cryptocurrency future projections

The future of digital currencies, digital technologies are not considered difficult to reach for anyone in the world, as a digital wallet can be easily created through the Internet, and in this article we will talk in detail about market analysts' expectations for the future of digital currencies. Trust and demand for digital currencies, governments may recognize this field more in order to reduce societal rejection of them, some other cryptocurrencies may compete between users and the markets more.

Future expectations for digital currencies:

In this article, we will mention the most important expectations for the main and most traded digital currencies, namely:


Bitcoin is considered the first cryptocurrency, invented in 2009, and it has achieved great success until it became the basis of digital currencies, it started in 2019 at a price of $ 3774, and then reached a price of $ 13867, at the end of June Bitcoin tried to rise but failed and it is expected that Bitcoin It may rise to its highest levels of 20 thousand dollars, and is expected to reach 25 thousand dollars, but it is likely that significantly in the new year.


Ethereum was invented in 2015, and it is considered the second most popular and largest currency in terms of daily trading. Ethereum started at $ 138, then it fell to $ 99.36. Some expected the price to reach $ 11,000. In general, it all remains in the realm of expectations and may be fulfilled. Actually, or reality gives us another picture.


I invented Litecoin in 2011, and is experimenting with an open source network, where anyone can transact and access it, and not subject to any central authorities, I started Litecoin at $ 29.8. Then its price rose until it reached a price of $ 143. Analysts expected its price to rise to $ 500 in the future. It is expected to rise to $ 500, and it was at the end of the year at a price of $ 470.


Where Ripple was released in 2012, it started at $ 0.345 and then rose to $ 0.491, then decreased until it reached a price of $ 0.173. It is expected to rise and reach $ 10. The Ripple currency is also expected to rise from its lows to its highest levels, reaching 10 dollars, along with a significant increase in the demand for ripple.


Where Facebook has sought to launch its own currency, the currency of Libra, among its goals is to make digital payments through this platform and change dollars and other foreign currencies to digital currencies. Buy things online and transfer money without needing to have a bank account. The future of digital currency investors, where Harvard economics professor Kenneth Rogoff says that the feeling among investors tends to explode the marketing value of digital currencies into trillions of dollars.

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